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Basketball Tournament

We hold an annual basketball tournament for local youth groups in the community. Our goal is that the tournament will foster healthy competition and fellowship between students to develop teamwork and relationships. This tournament also helps network different pastors and leaders in the region to come together to enjoy the tournament.

Pastors Conference





Youth Hallelujah

For the spiritual growth and revival of the second generation, we hold an annual Hallelujah revival meeting for middle and high school students and college students of local Korean churches.
More than 500 students are participating in the Youth Hallelujah Contest, and through the two-day conference, not only worship but also intercession time to share prayer topics, and mentoring time to share concerns and comfort.


Parents Conference

The Parents Conference seeks to address and guide parents on the education system that their children are entering or already a part of Immigrant families often times have difficulty obtaining the necessary information for their children’s success. 


Crime Prevention Conference

The New York Police Department (NYPD) and other agencies offer advice on how to prevent crimes that can happen around you as well as instruction on how to deal with different crime scenarios if you are caught in the middle of one.

Youth Music Concert